Consulting internship/job cover letter examples for McKinsey/Bain/BCG/Deloitte etc

Paragraph 1, Here you answer “Why you want to be in consulting?”

Consulting is more than just giving advice. It’s about challenging problems, the ones which aren’t the cup of tea of everyone.

It is this challenging environment that lures me. The sophisticated approach that brings out the best outcome for every stakeholder in a project, is something I believe, no individual should miss out learning.

Learning is a constant process in life, but not everyone gets the chance to grow at the speed that one would desire. The diverse skill sets that the job of a consultant requires makes one to upskill everyday.

In the past, I’ve talked to startup founders and brainstormed with them to identify solutions that we could implement to solve specific issues. Seeing the positives outcomes of my contributions has been one of the most satisfying accomplishments I’ve had. Having that as my career, I could have that sense of accomplishment every single moment.

Paragraph 2, here you answer the question “Why McKinsey (or Bain/BCG/Deloitte etc)?”

The company introduction talk made it very clear that McKinsey & Company works on projects that create a significant impact. There is constant exchange of ideas between senior management and associates, which sustains constant learning. With the unique culture that the company inculcates, it is not surprising that it is constantly voted as among the best places to work for. McKinsey is the epitome of management consulting, it has survived the tests of time, and I definitely want to be a part of this great organisation.

Paragraph 3, here you answer the question “Why you are suited?”

I spent my summers of 2019 at Deloitte, where I got to know consulting up close. My responsibilities there were primarily in my vertical, but from interactions with other co-workers, I got a sense of each of their roles’ daily routine and tasks.

In my most recent internship, with ABC Technologies (a startup to enable brands to generate more leads and help them in business development), in addition to my core responsibilities, I worked on identifying specifics of our approach and suggesting methods to improve our offerings and gain competitive edge over our competitors. The pre-placement offer they gave me was more due to this work than my main project.

A company like yours receives hundreds of job applications each day and I’m sure for this opening as well there are hundreds contesting for the few positions, but what makes me stand out from them is my domain knowledge that I gained from the countless discussions I’ve had with your company’s employees and alumni, and my past projects. I believe my experience makes me closer to the the expectations from the ideal candidate for this job, than most other applicants.


My interest in consulting is not due to the perks it brings, but due to the opportunities to learn and grow myself. I’m aware of the late working hours, lots of powerpoints, and many other things which don’t sound appealing. However, with me being in my early twenties and filled with the passion and energy to learn, this might be the only time in my life I can give my 110% to the organisation I join and supersede my employer’s expectations.


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