How to tailor your resume for a consulting job/internship

Your resume is the first and only thing that the company will see to qualify you for an interview for a consulting job/internship. It’s very important to make the person seeing your resume believe that you are a good fit for the role and an avid learner. Here are some things to write in your resume, .mentioned section-wise, which will make you look a promising candidate. Remember that the purpose of your resume is to get you an interview, after that it’s only your interview answers that decide whether you get the job or not.

For experience section:

Do an online internship from companies like Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture from The Forage. It’s a website where you can do virtual experience programs, some of which are listed as internship. There is no interview or resume submission. You can simply do it as an online course for free, and you will get a legitimate certificate of completion of internship. Don’t list more than 2 such internships on your resume.

Write a freelancing project you did for a startup/local business and write it as a freelance consulting project. (If you haven’t done it, go ahead and do it now). A freelancing project will show that you went ahead and did something for consulting out of your passion. You can do something like helping a startup reach more customers by making a marketing plan for their services.

Write atleast 2 projects/internship you did either as part of your coursework or independently which show your hard skills. (Hard skills means proficiency in a tool/programming language. Example: Excel, Python,

For Education section:

Do online courses from Coursera/Udemy related to consulting and mention them in your Certifications/Key Courses sub-section. Choose courses that help you develop key soft skills. PwC’s Analysis and Presentations Skills is a good one. Yale University’s course on negotiation is also a good one.

Don’t write your GPA is it’s not a good one.

For Skills section:

Some potential skills to write: Excel, Powerpoint, Negotiation (this is something not many people will write, make sure you’re ready to prove it in interview), Public Speaking, Data analysis and presentation

Watch a foreign language’s youtube tutorials (like Mandarin or French) and mention that you have Beginners level proficiency in it. This adds a level of uniqueness to you, since not many will have it. You should learn enough to show in an interview that you have made some effort in learning it.

For Awards and Achievements Section:

Search for Business Plan competitions and submit your entry to them. If you make one decent proposal and send it to several competitions, chances are that you will reach the finals of a few of them. You’ll be surprised to know that most B-Plan competitions don’t usually get many applicants. If your proposal is decent, you will definitely make it, at least to the finals.

For Hobbies and Interests section

You should be truthful in this. Definitely write any things that you enjoy doing, but don’t write listening to music, watching movies, or any leisure activity where you are completely inactive. Things like gardening, photography, blogging etc are good hobbies to mention.



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